Mozzarella dumplings

I thought of this recipe last night and tried it out for lunch today :D.
It's very easy and fast.

For about 20 dumplings:

15 oz of mozzarella (one that isn't packaged in water)
salt, chive, other herbs or condiments

1-2 eggs
few spoons of all purpose flour
corn meal or grits (stuff used to make polenta), or crushed cornflakes

In a food processor, blend mozzarella and add chive (fresh or dried) and little salt.
Shape the mixure into dumplings.

You can cool them in refregerator and serve them with some salad.

Or you can deep fry them:

Coat the dumplings with flour.

Beat the egg(s) and add milk (about 4-5 fl.oz and add more later as needed) and rest of the flour.

In one  bowl put some cornmeal, and in other breadcrumbs. Add more as needed.
I didn't write exact measurements since I never mesure.

Dip each dumpling in egg mixture, then coat it with cornmeal, dip in egg mixure again and coat with  bread crumbs. Roll it lightly between palms to help dry ingredients stick better.
Repaeat two more times.
More layers will help create firm crispy coating that will keep cheese inside.

Leave in fridge for half an hour up to an hour. Deep fry them. Serve warm, maybe with salad or dip.

They're not bad once they cool either. But don't leave them for too long, because they can get soggy.

They can stay in fridge for few hours. Just coat them with breadcrumbs immediately before frying, if they feel moist or sticky.

You can add other herbs, or stuff them if you prefere.

Enjoy :D