My brush addiction

People who know me would tell you how crazy I'm about brushes. I don't care so much about makeup (although I love makeup too :)) but brushes,  I just wanna buy them all, if only I could afford them.
Luckily, I buy only inexpensive brushes, I like finding cheap versions of HE brushes, that work the same. And most of my brushes are synthetic, I prefer them over real hair, they don't scratch :).

At one point (last year) I had aprox. 90 brushes (I'm not a makeup artist, that's just for my personal use), and the sad thing is I only use maybe 10 of those. Most of my brushes are eye brushes, I have 2 blush brushes that I never use :D (don't wear blushes), and few face brushes. Also, I have lots od duplicates. When I find the brush I like, I just have to have reserve, just in case. I've been downsizing, and now I have aprox. 60 brushes.

I finally realized how bad my addiction got, when I considered ordering Sigma Mr. Bunny Essential kit, even though I don't really need it, I have plenty of brushes that are just the same, and work great, but it's so cute, comes with that nice brush holder, and who cares if I'm not gonna use half of the brushes, I just gotta have it. I came to my senses (thank God :D), and decided not to buy it right now, since I can use that money lot better, and buy something I really need. But I still plan on buying that set sooner or later, together with Precision kit, and hopefully I'll stop buying brushes then since I will finally have all the brushes I ever wanted (yeah right).

My dream brushes would have to be Hakuhodo and Rae Morris. I drool over them like Homer over doughnuts lol. I'll never be able to afford them (Rae Morris at least) but I can dream and drool :D

Here is my current collection, most of those brushes will be moving on to some other addict soon :)

Face brushes:
Row one: Meow cosmetics feather duster (for applying shimmer all over body), Oriflame large fan brush, Essence kabuki, Ecotools mineral kabuki

Row two: Coastal scents bionic large foundation/concealer brush, Ecotools powder brush, Elf studio powder brush, Real techniques stippling brush, Sephora #45 mineral foundation brush, Elf studio angled foundation, Abbamart large foundation, Maximum coverage concealer, Narrow precision concealer, duo fiber stippling brush short tuft, CS synthetic angled blush, Elf studio blush brush, Elf studio fan brush, Oriflame highlight brush, Ecotools concealer (all 4), no name concealer brush, Ecotools mineral powder brush, Bipa Look by Bipa kabuki

Eye brushes:
Flat shading, shadow packing brushes:

Oriflame eyeshadow brush x2 (first is very old and I redesign it, second is newer) Ecotools eyeshadow brush, Ecotools eyeshadow brush (from 6-piece set), Elf studio eyeshadow C brush, CS synthetic shadow brush, Avon eyeshadow brush, CS chisel shader brush, CS Deluxe sable shader (my favorite and only I use), Barbara Hofmann shadow brush, Studio Basics concealer brush (I use it for applying eyeshadow primer).

CS blending brush, Ecotools mineral eyeshadow brush, Elf bamboo blending eye brush, ET mineral eyeshadow (from mineral set), CS synthetic blending brush, Sigma E25, CS Pro blending fluff x2, Essence smokey brush, CS tapered blending brush, CS Destiny blender, ELF bamboo contour brush (excellent for applying shadow in crease), Sigma E45

Abbamart pencil brush, Sigma E30, Oriflame GG mineral shadow brush, CS Black pointed crease, CS large pencil brush

Eyeliner and brow:
Kolinski 5-0 reaper finest (art brush), Inglot 23T, Morgana minerals eyeliner brush, Alverde liner brush x2 (new and old version), Catrice eyeliner brush, Essence metalics eyeliner brush, Essence angled liner brush, Avon angled liner brush, Ecotools angled liner brush, Oriflame liner brush, Ecotools angled liner, Abbamart angled toray eyebrow brush, M.A.C. 212SE, Morgana minerals angled shadow and liner, Sephora professionnel brow brush, Barbara Hofmann angled brush

Detailed brushes and rest:
Avon eyeshadow brushes (from some kit), CS Black pointed detail, CS destiny detail mini, Abbamart pencil brush (it came with half of the hair missing so I just flattened it and got great small shadow packing brush), Ecotools Brow gromer, CS lash comb, mascara spoolie

Abbamart pencil brush (flattened), Avon shadow brushes (2,3), CS black pinted detailed, CD destiny detailed mini

Ecotools brow gromer, CS lash comb, Mascara spoolie

Lip liner brushes:

Oriflame lip brush (my favorite), Avon lip liner, Abbamart retractable toray brush, Oriflame lip brush (also favorite)

There are bunch of duplicates (I didn't took pictures of) and I'm waithing 5 more brushes to arrive that I recently ordered.

If you're interested in any of the brushes let me know and I'll do a detailed review.