The Book Depository

This would be a very quick random post :)

I love reading, but I rarely buy books since I don't have room for them, and it would be pricey since I read 2-3 book a week and in our contry books are quite expensive. That's why I prefer ebooks :D.

But there are some books that I love, and I can read them again and again, so I tend to buy those to have in my collection. Since I prefer them to be in their original language I usually buy them online.

Last year I discovered Book Depository and I no longer by books from Amazon.

They have whole range of books, everything from fiction,nonfiction, travel, science, DIY, children books. They also have some free ebooks :D.

Books are lot cheaper than amazon or ebay. There is no difference, usually you can find same books from same publishers, but cheaper on Book Depository.

They offer several currencies (pounds, euros, US, CAD, AUD, NZD, SGD dollar), and several options of payment: debit and credit cards and paypal.

Shipping is free worldwide. And delivery is rather fast,10 days in average. My last book arrived in 3 days :)

They'll have some fun offers from December 6th, so why not check them out. Book is always a creat gift, for your self or somebody else :D.

Do you like to read, and what are your favorite books?


Physician's Formula Airbrush kabuki, Ecotools smudge brush & RT powder brush review

Before I begin, just to mention that iherb.com has 10% off entire store as part of Black friday sale and offer will last till Tuesday, 27th.

Last month I bought some more brushes from iherb, so I gave them a good try and here is the review.

Physician's Formula, Inc., Mineral Wear, Airbrushing Kabuki Brush

As the name says, it's intended for mineral powders. But since bristles are synthetic, it can be used for liquid, cream or powders. It applies products fast and easy and gives airbrushed appearance.

Brush itself is small, light and compact (2,3 in tall, 2in in diameter), fits nicely in hand. Bristles are soft and very dense. If you press them, you can feel the resistance, they don't splay.
Brush is made out 2 pieces. Outer metalic blue shell, and inside the flat top kabuki. Outer shell actually keeps bristles from splaying, and gives them the short appearance. The shell and inside ferule are firmly glued together.

Brush is easy to clean and dries fast. It's best to dry it in upright position, on a flat apsorbing surface (paper towel, cloth).

Price: 10,51$ on iherb.com.

Outer shell, inside ferule

Ecotools smudge brush

I like ET brushes a lot. I have tried most of them and I was very pleased with them, both quality and pricewise.
I've been wanting this brush for a while. But  I'm not to happy with it.

As all ET brushes, bristles are synthetic, but not as soft as others. Brush has a pointed tip, unlike most pencil/smudge brushes, which is the biggest reason I bought it. Brush also has sharpener on the end, that can be closed, which is very handy.

Bristles are dense, but not very flexible. They can be little scratchy on sensetive eyes. It doesn't pick up shadow very well, so for less pigmented ES, you would need to repeat application several times.

Brush can be used for smudging, both pencil and eyeshadows, or it can be used for applying shadow in crease, outer V, or on lower lashes.

The sharpener is not glued very well to the brush, it can be removed easily, but it won't fall off by itself. It's tightly attached. I personaly like that. It's easier to clean the sharpener, and without the sharpener, brush fits in smaller bags.
Sharpener has a cap, and can be closed to keep shavings inside, untill thrown away.

Dimensions: total lenght of the brush 6,3in, bristle lenght 0,39in, sharpener 1,77in.

Price: 3,5$ on iherb.com.

sharpener with cap opened

sahrpener without cap

L to R: ES applied once; poorly pigmented ES, few applications; ES smudge; eyepencil smudged

Real Techniques powder brush

I actually got this brush by mistake, I ordered the wrong brush.
At first I wasn't too impressed, but more I use it  more I like it :)

Brush is rather big and bristles are dense but fluffy. It's padle shaped, even though it's so dense it looks almost round.

As all other RT brush, bristles are super soft plush taklon. It picks up a lot of product, and doesn't absorb any, all is transfed to skin. There is no fallout or it is minimum.

As all other individual brushes, it can stand on flat surfaces.

Price: 9.99$ on iherb.com

Ecotools powder brush, RT powder brush

RT powder brush, Ecotools powder brush
 Compared to ET powder brush, RT is fluffier but more denseat the same time. ET bristles are thin and silky, so they almost feel stuck together, densly packed.

RT powder brush, RT blush brush

Have you tried any of these brushes and waht you think of them :)


Beauty blenders

Everyone  is crazy about them, so I decided to give them a try.

I got fake versions to try them out before I splurge for original.

I got two different shapes from two sellers of ebay.

Pink one has original BB shape. I got it from this seller. Price was 2,99$, but I see now that they raised it to 9$.

Blue one has more practical shape. I got it from this seller for 1,54$ (I bid for it). Current price is 2,27$.

I soak them under running water, squeeze well, and repeat few times.  I tend to leave Pink BB to rest for few minutes, it becomes more soft, in comparison, when used right away.

As you can see, blue is little larger then pink one. It's also softer. Pink feels more dense and firmer, more elastic. Blue gets larger faster.

When they're wet difference is obvious. Blue is more fluffy, more spungy. And when you squeeze them, pink bouces back right away, and blue takes like a second to return to original shape.
Aslo, since pink BB is more dense, it doesn't absorb so much water and consequently it dries faster.

There is no difference in application of foundation, they both apply foundation fast, even and without streaks.

Blue wet, pink dry

both dry

both wet


Monthly Favorites

It's a state holiday, and it pouring outside (few parts of the town are already flooded, and it's just a begining; it's going to rain all through fall/winter) so great time for a quick post :).

There isn't lot of them so this should be relatively short post.

Manhattan Soft Compact Powder

My shade is actually not in the picture (8 Vanilla) because I used it all up. I first bought the darkest shade (9 Chocholat)  by mistake, then I got the right shade (Vanilla). Few months later I got light shade (3 Beige) to mix with the darkest since it was too dark even during summer.

This is great inexpensive (drugstore) powder for oily skin. It's mattifying and it will kill all shine, so if you don't like flat looking skin, this is not powder for you.
It has light to medium coverage, depending how you apply it. It not cakey and it doesn't set in the lines and pores.
It can be used on it's own, or as a setting powder.
I use flat top brush or RT Expert Face brush to apply it.

Available in 7 shades and it contains 9g of product.

Vichy roll-on deodorant/antiperspirant

For sensetive/depilated skin.
I bought it recently after reading so many positive reviews.
The manufacturer claims it will genlty regulate sweating, and it's not a lie. It really stops you from sweating with first application. And I sweat.
It's odourless, non iritating and can be used right after depilation.
Since I got it, I completely stoped using all other deodorants/antipespirants.
It's alcohol and perfume free. And there are some version that are aluminum free.

Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara

Colored mascara that should brighten and enhance your eye color. I got one for blue eyes, it's dark blue with subtle glitter, since I didn't like one for brown (my color) eyes (dark grey with silver glitter).
I can't say if it makes your eye color pop or not. I like it because it is a very good mascara.
It gives some lenght and volume to your lashes. Volume can be built up with few layers. It doesn't smudge, flake off, or clump your lashes together. Lashes are flexible, not brittle or stiff, seperated and evenly coated.
Also, once curled (with lash curler) they stay curled, they don't fall down with time (mine usually go down within few minutes of any mascara application, regular or waterproof).
It has medium size rubber wand, that's tappered at the end so you can easily coat even the tiniest lashes in the inner corner of the eye.
Formula isn't too wet, or too dry. Glitter is fine and it doesn't flake off.

Also, it doesn't dry to fast. I have mine for 2-3 months now and it's still good.

Available in 4 shades, for blue, green, brown and hazel eyes.
Contains  7.2 ml of product.

Deborah 24 ore Brow Pencil

Long lasting brow pencil. It stays on all day, even with light pespiration, unless you wipe it off :).
I have mine for few years now and I just bought new one, beacuse this one is becoming to short (and it's expiration date is close).
I have tried brow gels, powders, pencils and I always go back to this pencil.
My shade is 281. It seems little light for me (dark brown hair, mousy, dark grey brows) but it's perfect shade. My brows are very sparse and this pencil fills them in very naturally. Brows look enhanced but not overdrawn, or to emphasized. There no need to brush them through after.

Pencil is medium soft, and little dry, but it smoothes easily. Also is stays on the areas where there's no hair (some pencils don't  transfer at all, or too much).

Only downside is, it's not automatic, and it could use a mascara tip instead of this comb.

Available in 4 shades.

Here are the swatches:
Daylight, indoors.

Daylight, in front of a window

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I just got this primer few months ago. I refused to buy it since UDPP was such a disapointment and I didn't want to waste more money.  I only  bought it because our Sephora was closing for good.
It is the one of the only two primers (the other) that actually work for me. It stops shadows from creasing or fading for few hours up to whole day.
True test will be during summer.

Real Techniques Expert Face brush

Since I got it, I only use this brush for entire face. You can read a review here.