Beauty blenders

Everyone  is crazy about them, so I decided to give them a try.

I got fake versions to try them out before I splurge for original.

I got two different shapes from two sellers of ebay.

Pink one has original BB shape. I got it from this seller. Price was 2,99$, but I see now that they raised it to 9$.

Blue one has more practical shape. I got it from this seller for 1,54$ (I bid for it). Current price is 2,27$.

I soak them under running water, squeeze well, and repeat few times.  I tend to leave Pink BB to rest for few minutes, it becomes more soft, in comparison, when used right away.

As you can see, blue is little larger then pink one. It's also softer. Pink feels more dense and firmer, more elastic. Blue gets larger faster.

When they're wet difference is obvious. Blue is more fluffy, more spungy. And when you squeeze them, pink bouces back right away, and blue takes like a second to return to original shape.
Aslo, since pink BB is more dense, it doesn't absorb so much water and consequently it dries faster.

There is no difference in application of foundation, they both apply foundation fast, even and without streaks.

Blue wet, pink dry

both dry

both wet

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