A cup of soup :D

My favorite food isn't something fensy, but a simple, everyday tomato soup.

In cold winter days and nights there's nothing better to keep you warm. I don't like tea or cocoa, so for me a nice cup of soup is perfect.

Plain, with noodles or eggs, cold, or warm, I can eat it any time.

When I was little I use to eat it sweetened and that stuck to this day. So I alway have one serving sweetened, and one with pepper (I'm crazy, I know :D).

I alwas make this soup when someone has a cold. It quick to make, nourishing, and it's good warm or cold.

So here is the recipe if you like to try it:

1-2 medium sized onions
salt, pepper, sugar
tomato juice/concentrate

I never use precise measurements when cooking, but you can hardly ruin this soup.

Chop onions in small pieces (I use food procesor). Put it in a pot. Add spoon of oil, and enough water to cover the onions. Add little salt. Cook the onions untill they go soft and disolve, if needed add water.Whe onions are cooked, add tomato juice/concentrate, and same amount of water and little sugar (1/2-1 spoon). Make sure it's not to thick, or to watery. Leave it to boil. Give it a taste and if needed add more salt, peper or sugar, to your liking.

If you want you can add noodles or eggs. When boiling just add eggs one at the time.

Enjoy :D

What is your favorite winter drink ?