Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Mine, all mine :D

I trust everyone knows by now who Sam (Pixiwoo) is and that she has her own brush line.

I wanted this brushes since she launched them but UK prices were to steep for me.
Last month I discovered that RT brushes can be bought from  iherb.com at US prices. It's online drugstore. Best thing is they ship worldwide, and shipping is $6.
If you add a coupon code (OMU943) you get an instant $10 off your first purchase of $40 or more, or $5 off orders totaling less than $40.
Delivery is rather fast, 2 weeks to my country.

Note: By clicking on links above, code is automatically added, so there is no need for manual adding of the code.

Now, on to the brushes.

I already had stippling brush for a while. And I love it. It's without a doubt best stippling brush I tried. It's shorter and more dense then normal stippling brushes, and because of that, it can be used as stippling brush, or a buffing brush.
Also, it's not just for foundation, it can be used for all cream or powder products.

From iherb.com I got blush brush and starter set.

I haven't tried them yet thoroughly, so this is just first impressions.

UPDATE 08/27/2012
I finally got around to play with these lovelies and I'll just add review on the botom, instead of writing new post.

Blush brush

Soft and gentle rounded medium density brush, but firm enought not to splay or bend when applying products.
For me, little to big for blush, but I intended to use it for powders anyway.
Price on iherb.com: 7,99$

Ecotools powder brush, RT blush brush, Sephora #45 mineral foundation

Sephora #45mineral foundation, RT blush brush

I was plesantly supriesed with this brush. It is trully perfect blush brush :D. I don't have huge cheek space and pronounced cheek bones so I would never use large brush to apply blush because I would look like someone slapped me :). For me, perfect size blush brush would be ELF blush brush or RT contour brush, something I can use for precise application.

The whole point with this brush is how you use it. It's egg shaped, so you pick up blush only with the tip and that immedialely gives you control of application. It"s not to dense, but it picks up plenty of blush so don't go crazy, little goes a long way. Few gentle swirls is all you need and you can always build to desired intensity :).

I tend to hold the brushes at the ferule, for better control of presure. I apply blush with short, gentle strokes, and then if needed with circular motions disperse the blush further.

I have no doubt, this brush would work on any face shape, it just takes little practice to find the perfect way of application that works for you.

Starter set

I mostly wanted this set because of deluxe crease brush. And I'm not dissapointed :). Rest of the brushes, some I like, some not so much.
Price on iherb.com: 17,99$

Deluxe crease brush

Big, round and dense brush. As all the others, very soft and gentle. I will be using it for concealers only since it's too big for my crease.

Sigma E25, RT deluxe crease brush
Im very happy with this brush. It's great blending brush. If used for concealer, apply very small amount or you'll get streaks.
As an eyeshadow blender, works great for both powder and cream products. I like it for fast application of E/S all over the lid when I'm in a rush. Even though it's rather big brush, it can be used as blending brush on small/hooded eyes. It's merely matter of presure and position of brush. Use clean brush for blending, and only blend with tip of the brush.

Base shadow brush

Basic laydown brush. It's more flat, but dense and tappered at the top.

from the side

Sigma E25, RT Base shadow brush

Excelent base shadow brush, for appyling E/S all over the lid. Works great for both powder and cream products. When using powder E/S, it picks up plenty of product, and there is minimal fallout. It can be used as a crease/pencil brush, just use the tip for applying E/S. It may look large but it works fine for small eyes as well.

Accent brush

Tiny, dense brush. Perfect for detailed work.

RT accent brush, CS mini detailed brush

Sigma E25, RT accent brush, CS mini detailed brush

This brush is tiny and thin, which is great for detailed work, but I would like it  to be more dense. It can be used for smudging liner or E/S. It can also supstitute your liner brush since you get really thin, precise lines.
Diferent presure and brush position. First two are E/S, 3rd is gel liner

Pixel-point eyeliner brush

Simply to big for eyeliner brush. I prefer  more precise brushes. I guess I'll use this one as lip liner or for concealing.

RT pixel-point eyeliner brush, Inglot 23T liner, Alverde liner brush
RT pixel-point eyeliner brush, Avon lip liner
Sigma E25, RT pixel-point eyeliner brush

This was the biggest surprise. At first I was shocked by the size of the brush and never thought it can be used as liner brush (I was puzzled how Sam and Nic can do it), but clearly I was wrong :D.
You can get as thin and precise line as you like, it just takes little practise and steady hand.
The brush is rounded, but when you dip it in gel liner, bristles get nice and flat and thin. Great thing is, even though bristles are long, they don't bend or move, and there no need for presure, just light strokes.

Brush dipped in gel liner

various practise lines :)

Brow brush

Rather big. It's dense and firm, but not stiff. Bristles are flexible. I still have to try it out and see what will I use it for.

Ecotools liner brush, RT brow brush, Essence liner brush

Ecotools liner brush, RT brow brush, Essence liner brush

Sigma E25, RT brow brush
As a brow brush, it's great. As a liner  brush, for me personaly, to thick. As all other brushes, it picks up product rather well so you get quick results with minimum amount of work. It fills out brows, without making them look drawn on or unnatural. It's little tricky to get super thin ending but practice, practice, practice :D or you simply wipe off the excess.

Powder brow filler, gel liner; applied with light stroke

I apologize for the poor picture quality.

All brushes are in comparison with Sigma E25 (it was just washes so it looks little unkempt) so you can get better estimate of the size of the brushes.

I would definitely recomend these brushes to evereone, they are great quality and inexpensive. I intend to buy rest of them sooner or later :)