Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

What Bioderma says:

  • A new step forward in the treatment of sensitive intolerant skin, the patented TolĂ©ridine® complex instantly and durably acts against inflammation. It raises the skin’s tolerance threshold. The skin is resistant and thus better protected against external attack, so it becomes less reactive.
  • Instantly soothes feelings of discomfort and irritation.
  • Gel’s decongesting agents help to reduce puffiness. The smoothing active ingredients minimise the fine lines. The moisturising agents improve cutaneous comfort.
  • Formulated with rigorously selected active ingredients known to be harmless, preservative-free and fragrance-free, guarantees optimum tolerance, including for the eyes.
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, provides a make-up base and is suitable for contact lens wearers.
  •  Apply once or twice a day to the eye contour area after cleansing. Massage gently until it is absorbed.

Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

Most eyecreams, no metter how gently applied cause me swelling, on the outer part, just above cheekbone, where one would normally apply highlighter. In some cases there's also tingling or even burning, so I have trouble finding good eyecream.
I had no such problems with Bioderma.

It's light gel cream texure with barely noticeable scent. Leaves skin feeling smooth and matte. Doesn't iritate, and  works fine as a concealer base.

Since I don't have darks circles and puffiness it's hard to say if it's effective for those problems. It doesn't reduce wrinkles, but it doesn't emphasize them either like some eyecreams.

Since it's so light and fast absorbing, it probably wont be good for dry skin. It's not nourishing enough.

I use it in the morning, before makeup, and for night time I use Clinique All about eyes cream.

Do you use eyecreams and ehat are your favorites?


Sedona Lace 224, 618 and 217 brushes and ELF Studio angled contour and Flawless Concealer brushes review

In late November, during Black Friday I got some brushes (featured in New in post), and today I'll be reviewing some of them that I've been using daily.

Sedona Lace 618, 217, 224, ELF Studio Flawless Concealer, Angled contour brush
Sedona Lace 618, 217, 224, ELF Sstudio Flawless Concealer, Angled contour brush

Sedona Lace brushes are from 7-piece synthetic set, but they are sold individally for 12,95$. Set is sold for 59,95$, at 50% off.

Brushes have classic black handle, rather long (too long for me) and bristles are pink and black.
Bristles are dense and soft, firm and flexible, but the don't splay or bend to much. There is no sheding or bleading.

Sedona Lace brushes (Midnight Lace) are said to be dupes for Sigma brushes, from the Sigmax line. I have no sigma brushes from that line so I can't comment on that.

Small Tapered SL 224

Brush is round, conical shape, and tapered at the top. It's perfect for undereye application or hard to reach places. It blends concealer really, well wihout sticking.
It works great with all types of concealers (liquid, cream, stick).

It can be used for precision contouring and highlighting.

I use this brush the most, from the entire set.

SL 224
SL 224
Sigma E25, SL 224

Small Angled Flat SL 618
Diagonally cut brush. Dense, but not as dense as the rest of the brushes from the set.
Unlike SL 224, it absorbs a lot of product (liquid) so it's best to apply concealer directly to the skin and blend it with clean brush.
Works great for undereye concealer, better than SL 224 (but I prefer 224 :)) and all areas of the face.

I also tried it for eyeshadow application on browbone and crease, but it's to dense for that. But it does pick up shadow really well and there is no fallout.

SL 618
SL 618

SL 618

Elf angled contour

Another diagonaly cut brush. Smaller and fluffier than SL 618, and not as dense. Also bristles are bit longer.

Intended for E/S application on browbone, crease contouring and blending and it is great for that. It doesn't absorb to much product and the is no fallout.

I also tried it for concealer work. It blends seamlessly, but it was little scratchy on the undereye area.

ELF Studio Angled Contour brush

SL 618, ELF Studio Angled Contour brush

SL 618, ELF Angled Contour, Sigma E25

Small Round Dome SL 217

Round dome brush, medium density, and larger then the rest of the brushes form the set. It's like a large version of blending brush. It's dense but fluffy.

It will blend concealer seamlessly, but it is bit too big for undereye area.

I usually use it for setting my undereye concealer or for highlighter.

SL 217

SL 217

ELF Flawless Concealer

Another round dome brush, for concealer application. It's tipical fluffy blending brush. Smaller than SL 217, bigger than average E/S blending brush.
Bristles are soft, and flexible. It medium density.

It does blend concealer seamlessly but as the ELF angled contour brush, it scratches a bit on the undereye area.

I normally use it for setting undereye concealer, applying nude mineral powder E/S all over the lid and for blending E/S.

ELF Flawless Concealer brush

SL 217, ELF Studio Flawless Concealer brush

SL 217, ELF Studio Flawless Concealer brush

SL 217, ELF Studio Flawless Concealer brush

SL 217, ELF Studio Flawless Concealer brush. Sigma E25

Have you tried any of these brushes, and what you think of them?


Spring in Avon

Today I bring you few new products from Avon.

Avon True Color Quad palette Awakening

Avon True Color Quad Awakening

Avon True  Color Quad Awakening

Palette has 4 shades, two of them are matte (yellow and turqouise) and two shimmery  (pale pink and greyish brown).

Matte shades are most pigmented, very creamy and blendable. Greyish brown is bit harder then other shades, and not as pigmented. Even though it looks great in a palette, pale pink shade is a dud. It's grainy and imposible to apply, there is no color payoff, it comes of patchy.

Palette has 6 g/ 0.21 oz.


Daylight, no primer
Daylight, no primer

Sunlight, no primer

Sunlight, no primer
Pale pink shade, with  primer
Pale pink shade, with primer

Nailwear Pro+ nail polishes

Sweet Pea Dream, Painted Peony, Inspired Iris, Blue Water Lilies
Blue Water Lilies, Inspires Iris, Sweet Pea Dream, Painted Peony

These four shades were inspired by petals. All shades contain fine glitter. Other then blue (Blue Water Lilies), all N/P are sheer.
Application is great, no streaks, and two coats give solid coverage.
AS for, logivity, I can't comment on that since I have geled nails, and nail polishes tend to last longer on them.
Shades are:
  • Sweet Pea Dream, nude peachy shade with gold shimmer
  • Painted Peony, orange pink shade with gold shimmer
  • Inspired Iris,  pinky lavander shade with ligh grean shimmer
  • Blue Water Lilies, blue with silver shimmer.

N/P have 12 ml/ 0.4 fl. oz


Sweet Pea Dream, Painted Peony, Inspired Iris, Blue Water Lilies

Sweet Pea Dream, Painted Peony, Inspired Iris, Blue Water Lilies

What do you think of Avon spring editions and will you wear such colors?

TV, books, music

This is random blog post, about things that I currently watch, read or listen.



I recently read FaithFry blog and she mentioned this show, and I remembered that I liked  it a lot, but stopped watching it after few seasons. So I downloaded all seasons and watched them all in few days. And now I can't wait for wednesday to come :D.
I'm not to crazy about this season, I miss Cass, but I still watch it :).

Hart of Dixie

Recent discovery. I downloaded both seasons and watched it in a day. It nice show, funny, interesting.

Doctor Who

Few years ago I watched most of the new seasons (2005-2012). Season 4 is currently running on BBC Entertaiment, but I always forget to watch.
So I downloaded sesons 1 to 4 and currently watching them. I like D. Tennant best as the Doctor, so I only have those seasons. I don't like M. Smith, so I'm skipping sesons 5 to 7 (I'm weird that way :)).


Currently I haven't been reading anything since I have to do some studing, and once I start reading I can't stop, and that is not good when I have to study. I love to read :D.
And besides, I have no clue what to read anyway, nothing sounds interesting, nothing has cought my interest.

If you have any suggestions do leave them in the comments. I like all genres.


I have quite eclectic taste in music so I listen to pretty much everything, but last few days all I listen is, HURTSone of my two favorite bands (yes, I only have two :D, them and HIM)  and songs from their new album Exile which will be out next month.

If you never heard of them, check them out, they are amazing. I heard them two years ago and I'm hooked since.

From their first album Happiness I love all songs,  they're all my favorites. Entire album is just perfect :D.

Here are some songs you might recognize:
Wonderful life, Stay, Better then love, Devotion (demo)

From the new album I like all songs that I heard so far. But you need to listen to them few times, cause they get better each time you hear them :D.

So far my favorites are:
Blind (this eeoooo is tad anoying but I ignore it :D), Miracle, and Under the bridge/Guilt that will be available on the Deluxe version.
These few songs are also from the new album: The road, Exile and Sandman.

I specially love their covers, which are so much better than originals: Once ( D. Vickers), Confide in me (K. minogue).

This cover is on repeat for the last 3 days.

In the end, here's an A capella version of Unchained Melody by Richeous Brothers, played during soundcheck. 

What have you been watching, reading or listening these days?