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This is random blog post, about things that I currently watch, read or listen.



I recently read FaithFry blog and she mentioned this show, and I remembered that I liked  it a lot, but stopped watching it after few seasons. So I downloaded all seasons and watched them all in few days. And now I can't wait for wednesday to come :D.
I'm not to crazy about this season, I miss Cass, but I still watch it :).

Hart of Dixie

Recent discovery. I downloaded both seasons and watched it in a day. It nice show, funny, interesting.

Doctor Who

Few years ago I watched most of the new seasons (2005-2012). Season 4 is currently running on BBC Entertaiment, but I always forget to watch.
So I downloaded sesons 1 to 4 and currently watching them. I like D. Tennant best as the Doctor, so I only have those seasons. I don't like M. Smith, so I'm skipping sesons 5 to 7 (I'm weird that way :)).


Currently I haven't been reading anything since I have to do some studing, and once I start reading I can't stop, and that is not good when I have to study. I love to read :D.
And besides, I have no clue what to read anyway, nothing sounds interesting, nothing has cought my interest.

If you have any suggestions do leave them in the comments. I like all genres.


I have quite eclectic taste in music so I listen to pretty much everything, but last few days all I listen is, HURTSone of my two favorite bands (yes, I only have two :D, them and HIM)  and songs from their new album Exile which will be out next month.

If you never heard of them, check them out, they are amazing. I heard them two years ago and I'm hooked since.

From their first album Happiness I love all songs,  they're all my favorites. Entire album is just perfect :D.

Here are some songs you might recognize:
Wonderful life, Stay, Better then love, Devotion (demo)

From the new album I like all songs that I heard so far. But you need to listen to them few times, cause they get better each time you hear them :D.

So far my favorites are:
Blind (this eeoooo is tad anoying but I ignore it :D), Miracle, and Under the bridge/Guilt that will be available on the Deluxe version.
These few songs are also from the new album: The road, Exile and Sandman.

I specially love their covers, which are so much better than originals: Once ( D. Vickers), Confide in me (K. minogue).

This cover is on repeat for the last 3 days.

In the end, here's an A capella version of Unchained Melody by Richeous Brothers, played during soundcheck. 

What have you been watching, reading or listening these days?

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