Real Tehniques Expert Face Brush

I've been very busy latelly, so here's a quick review.

Recently I bought few more RT brushes from iherb (big surprise, right :D) and some others that I'll review once I give them a proper try.

If you had to have only one face brush, then this is the one. It a definitive must have.

It's small, but great 6in1 brush. You can use it for foundation (liquid, cream, powder), pressed/loose powders, bronzers, blushes, highlight and more.
It is specially great when you are in a rush, you just clean it off between products. I don't even bother with brush cleanser, just wipe it off on a clean paper towel or a tissue.

EFB is small, dense, more squared shaped, but rounded on top. Bristles are, as all RT brushes, super soft sintetic taklon, so it can be used for liquid, cream and powder products.

When used for liquid/cream foundation, it can be used as a  classic foundation brush (up-down, left/right strokes) or as a buffing brush (circular motions). It gives perfect airbrushed finish.

Since it's small, it can be used for contour, blush or bronzer (video, starts at 9th min). Simply apply and buff out if it to strong.

I use it as a powder brush as well to set my foundation. I just gently tap it on the face. There's no need for buffing. Powder doesn't look cakey or heavy.
As for highlight, use one end of the brush, don't dip entire brush in the product.

If you're considering buying Core set because you only want buffing and contour brush, just get EFB instead.

And here are the pictures:

RT Stippling brush, Expert Face brush

RT Stippling brush, Expert Face brush

Sephora #45 Mineral Foundation brush, RT Expert Face Brush

RT Expert Face Brush, Sephora #45 Mineral Foundation brush

RT EFB, Stippling, Blush, Powder

RT EFB, Stippling, Blush, Powder

RT EFB, Stippling, Blush, Powder

RT EFB, Stippling, Blush, Powder


Avon Color Trend Matte nail polishes

I finally found some time to do this quick post.

Today, I got my Avon order, and few nail polishes came with. I have gelled nails, but I still occasionally buy N/P that looks unusal or I like the color.
And Avon N/P are good quality and not too expensive. They go on nicely and evenly, they have good coverage and last rather long on nails.

I was so excited when I tried CT matte nailpolishes that I had to write a post right away.

What is so special about these N/P?
First, they look nothing like normal matte  N/P. They are actually shimmery, but matte at the same time. When I took them out of the box, my first thought was: In what universe is this matte :D. In the bottle and when aplied, they look like ordinary shimmery N/P, but once fully dry, they are matte.

They come in three shades, at least in our contry: Fuchia Feel, Soft Violet and my favorite, Blue Royale. Size is 8 ml/0,28 liq. oz.

As for coverage, Blue Royale gives nice coverage with one coat, but with two you get such nice deep color. The other two shades need two thin coates or one thicker.
I don't know how long they last on nails, but I was satisfied whith this line in past.

When you remove  N/P it goes down easy, no need for some crazy rubbing.

Without further ado, here are pictures. They are not the best, but swatches are true.
Soft Violet, Fuchsia Feel, Blue Royale

 2 coats: Fuchsia Feel, Soft Violet, Blue  Royale
Which one do you like best?

I also got this SpeedDry N/P in Smoky Plumes. Unfotunately it doesn't photograph well. The color is gorgeous  smokey darker mauve, name describes it perfectly :). I'll try to take a pic of a swatch few more times and add it later.
Here is how it looks in the bottle. The first pic is the closest to true color of N/P.