Avon Color Trend Matte nail polishes

I finally found some time to do this quick post.

Today, I got my Avon order, and few nail polishes came with. I have gelled nails, but I still occasionally buy N/P that looks unusal or I like the color.
And Avon N/P are good quality and not too expensive. They go on nicely and evenly, they have good coverage and last rather long on nails.

I was so excited when I tried CT matte nailpolishes that I had to write a post right away.

What is so special about these N/P?
First, they look nothing like normal matte  N/P. They are actually shimmery, but matte at the same time. When I took them out of the box, my first thought was: In what universe is this matte :D. In the bottle and when aplied, they look like ordinary shimmery N/P, but once fully dry, they are matte.

They come in three shades, at least in our contry: Fuchia Feel, Soft Violet and my favorite, Blue Royale. Size is 8 ml/0,28 liq. oz.

As for coverage, Blue Royale gives nice coverage with one coat, but with two you get such nice deep color. The other two shades need two thin coates or one thicker.
I don't know how long they last on nails, but I was satisfied whith this line in past.

When you remove  N/P it goes down easy, no need for some crazy rubbing.

Without further ado, here are pictures. They are not the best, but swatches are true.
Soft Violet, Fuchsia Feel, Blue Royale

 2 coats: Fuchsia Feel, Soft Violet, Blue  Royale
Which one do you like best?

I also got this SpeedDry N/P in Smoky Plumes. Unfotunately it doesn't photograph well. The color is gorgeous  smokey darker mauve, name describes it perfectly :). I'll try to take a pic of a swatch few more times and add it later.
Here is how it looks in the bottle. The first pic is the closest to true color of N/P.

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