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This would be a very quick random post :)

I love reading, but I rarely buy books since I don't have room for them, and it would be pricey since I read 2-3 book a week and in our contry books are quite expensive. That's why I prefer ebooks :D.

But there are some books that I love, and I can read them again and again, so I tend to buy those to have in my collection. Since I prefer them to be in their original language I usually buy them online.

Last year I discovered Book Depository and I no longer by books from Amazon.

They have whole range of books, everything from fiction,nonfiction, travel, science, DIY, children books. They also have some free ebooks :D.

Books are lot cheaper than amazon or ebay. There is no difference, usually you can find same books from same publishers, but cheaper on Book Depository.

They offer several currencies (pounds, euros, US, CAD, AUD, NZD, SGD dollar), and several options of payment: debit and credit cards and paypal.

Shipping is free worldwide. And delivery is rather fast,10 days in average. My last book arrived in 3 days :)

They'll have some fun offers from December 6th, so why not check them out. Book is always a creat gift, for your self or somebody else :D.

Do you like to read, and what are your favorite books?

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