My favorite products

This is a list of my favorite products that I can't live without.

Micellar solutions

I discovered this poduct last year and I'm hooked :). Makeup remover, face wash and toner all in one. Cleans the face in few a wipes, doesn't iritate, hidrates and calms the skin. It's safe for eye area. An no need to rince after use so it's great when in hurry.

I tried few brands, but Bioderma is the one that works best for me. Bioderma comes in two types, Sensibio/Crealine for sensetive skin and Sebium for oily skin. Also it comes in few sizes: 100 ml/3.4 oz, 250 ml/8.5 oz and 500 ml/16.9 oz.

I use Sebium as a face wash in the morning since I'm always in a rush, and I hate washing my face. In the evening I use it as a toner before bed time (I usually wash my face around 10 p.m., and go to sleep around 2-3 a.m.). It really helps to keep my oily skin under control. During winter it stops oiling completely and in summer reduces it drastically. It's rather drying so it's not for other skin types.

Sensibio is my go to makeup remover, and it works great. It's very gentle specially for eye area. I read some reviews that Sensibio doesn't remove mascaras very well, but if you try this technique it removes everything effortlessly. Lately I've been using it for everything since my skin is rather dehydrated.
One 500 ml bottle of Sebium/Sensibio lasts me up to 3 to 4 months.

I also tryed some other micellar solutions.

Vichy Purette termale micellar solution is very good as a makeup remover, little better then Bioderma. But for me, I don't like it for other uses. It's very gentle and has slight rose scent that I don't like very much.
It also comes in few packages: 200 ml/6.7oz and 400 ml/13.5 oz.

SVR Lysalpha is intended for oily skin. There is also one for sensetive skin (Provegol). It removes makeup and cleanses skin really well, and it leaves skin slightly mattified. Only thing I don't like is the scent. Is smells like lemon detergent, but I got use to smell.

Bourjois micellar cleansing water is by far the worst compared to the rest I tried. It's a solid makeup remover, not as good as Vichy, but it causes redness on my skin when I use it. I normally don't have sensetive skin. It comes in package 200/250ml. I use it only as a makeup remover nad brush cleanser.

ELF Complexion perfection

I bought this product few years ago and at first I didn't really know what to do with it. Then I started using it and I just love, love, love it.
I always carry one in my bag and have one in storage for backup :).

Why I love this product so much?
It's best mattifying powder I ever tried. It mattifies like crazy :D. And also it brightens up my face, but it doesn't make me look unnatural.
It's cheap, 3$/3.5£ for 13,5 g/ 0.47 oz depending where you buy it. And since you need very little it will last you a long time.
It can be worn alone, on clean skin or over foundation.
I usually apply it with large fluffy powder brush. Simply swirl the brush over all four colors, and gently buff it over your face.
You can also use individual colors. Yellow and pink for undereye area and for any blueish/purple marks/spots on the face, and green and blue are for neutralizing redness.

Don't apply it with sponge or you would look like you put flour on your face.

Lime Crime eyeshadow helper

I tried many eyeshadow primers and this one is best by far. I have oily hooded lids, so it's a challenge to find a primer that will help eyeshadows stay for more than 2-3 hours.
With this one my eyeshadows last up to whole day. It can be bought on official Lime crime website, and they ship worldwide. Price is 17$ for 7g of product. You need very small amount so it will last you a long time.
Website says that primer is waterproof, but I disagree. Somethimes my eye tear's up, and in my iner corner shadow gets wiped off. Maybe it would be waterproof on somebody with normal lids.

Best way to apply it is with your fingers. I used brush but it creased then. And you have to apply eyeshadow right after, don't wait to dry.

I also tried  ELF mineral eyeshadow primer, Art Deco Eyeshadow base, Coastal scents shadow works matte, Meow i-prime, Urban Decay primer potion, M.A.C. paint pot. They all lasted few hours. UDPP lasted the longest, and Mac paint pot creased really fast. It was worst of all.

Nuxe reve de miel lip balm

I discovered this product last year. Combination of flu and dry air (central heating) really dried my lips and they were badly chapped. I looked like I was hanging in Sahara :D.
I actually wanted to buy other product, but pharmacist convinced me to buy this one. It was rather expensive (around 14$/15g/0.52 oz) and I wasn't happy that I payed so much for a lip balm.
First few days I used it  every few hours and then only mornings and evenings. In a couple of days my lips looked and felt soft, smooth, like nothing ever happened.
Since then I only use it at night, before bed time. And that little jar lasted me over a year. I just recently opened a new one.
It has light citrusy scent and flavor. Formulation is little strange, it contains very small scrub bits, but they're not too detectable, it just not smooth and waxy like most lip balms.

Last month I bought stick version of this balm (aprox.10$/4g/0.14 oz), to always have it with me in my purse.

And I'm totally disappointed. Not even close to original. Not nurishing at all. It has clasic balm texture and light citrusy scent and flavor. It's ok for lips that are not chapped, for maintenance, to keep your lips from chapping, but it won't do anything once they're chapped. I think it might be little drying as well.

Gel liners

I just love gel liners. They're like eye liner pencils but more durable and don't smudge or transfer.
I was never fan of liquid liners, they iritate my eyes, it's tricky to use them (specially if you're clumsy like me :D), and I don't like how they look on skin, so harsh.
As you can see, I have quite a few and number just keeps growing :D

My favorite gel liners are Indelible gel liners. They are really longlasting and waterproof. They can be bought from various online shops and ebay.

Penny, Magnetism, Chocholate Mousse
Venomous, Black cherry

Shadow sealants

Best product ever :D
They keep your pigments in place and turn every eyeshadow into eyeliner.
My favorite is Inglot Duraline (9ml/0.3 oz).

Maybe it looks like a small amount but I have this one for a year now, I use it often and on a picture above is how much I used so far. You need very small drop, so it will last.
Once dried, eyeshadow doesn't budge. Not even if you rub with your fingers. It is even water resistant (I showered once with eyeshadow fixed with Duraline to test it, it stayed in place).
With Duraline my eyeshadows hold all day. It's easily removed with wsterproof makeup remover, or micellar solution.

I also love it because it revives dried gel liners. You only need few drops and gel liner is like new and it doesn't dry again. I use it to revive a gel liner that was dry for years but I couldn't trow it away because it was such unique color.

Recently I bought Kryolan CEL sealer, since I heard is also very good. I plan on trying it out and see how it compares to Inglot.

What are your favorite products?

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