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I have no insipration to do anything creative, and I'm very busy with other things so here's a list of blogs and YT chanels that I follow and recomend.

One blog that I've been following for a long time now is Beauty addict.
I really love this blog because of great and honest reviews, of both high end and drugstore products;
introduction of many unknown brands; great swathces and also because posts are very easy and pleasant to read. And don't forget giveaways :)
I often  check out this blog before I deside to purchuse something. And when I have time I love to read old posts.

Another blog that I follow is Make up Make out. I just love how creative the author is, she always creates great makeup looks. I also love her reviews and swatches.

Parookeets  is another great blog with lots of reviews of various products.

I follow some other blogs just not very often.

When it comes  to YT, the most important thing, to me at least, is that the reviews are honest and that videos are not boring and anoying. I just hate when youtuber goes on and on about something completely unrelated to the video, or has iritating voice, makes faces and so on. I also  hate one brand pushers, people who use only one brand (usually MAC) and constantly rant how great it is.

Here is my favorites list:
Well known Pixiwoo sisters. Both pro MUA and they really know what they're talking about. I love their tutorials. So creative and easy to copy.

Lisa Eldrige, also pro MUA, works with many stars and she really knows her stuff :D. She is so pleasant and easy to watch, and her tutorials are so helpful. If you watch the  Basics series you can really learn a lot.

Another pro MUA, Wayne Goss. I just love how honest he is. He always says it like it is. And he also has very helpful tips.

Besides them, I also follow:
Emily from Beauty Broadcast. Great girl, not MUA, but definetely worth checking out. She's a dream to watch. I love her videos :). She always uses both HE and drugstore brands and she is honest if something isn't worth the money. And if there is a drugstore product that is same or better than HE she will share that discovery.

Marlena, from Makeupgeek, another great youtuber. I love her creations, always fun but wearable :)

And last but not least, Julia from MissChieovus, another great girl. Love her tutorials and creations. I also love that she uses a lot of brands that are available to everybody and she introduces new and not very known brands that are very good.

What are your favorite blogers and youtubers :)

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