Quick tips

Few quick tips that make life easier :)

Face masks
     I always applied face masks with my fingers. And I hate that, I can never get even layer, mask gets under my nails, and all over my fingers, and I basically trow away what gets left on my fingers when I wash them.
    So one day, I thought why not use a brush. Beauticians in salons use brushes.
I used ELF foundation brush, it was lying around useless. It's not good for foundation, but it's great for face masks. Any cheap foundation or fan brush, would be great.

Nail polish
    Are you in a rush? Just hate waithing for hours for your nailpolish to dry? Why not use a hair blow dryer? I sound like a comercial :D. Just set it on cold or lowest heat and in few minutes your nails would be completely dry. Make sure you prepare your dryer before applying nailpolish.

    I just love dark shades of polishes, but since I'm not to precise, somethimes I get nailpolish on my skin. I clean it all off right away, but somethimes, it stains the skin and I can't get it off without messing my manicure.
After the polish is completely dry, simply use nail brush and some soap and gently brush all the stains off.

Nose pore strips
     To make them more efficient, use this few simple steps.
Steam your face or apply the after shower. Use a scrub or peeling gel and gently scrub the area before applying the nose strip. After applying nose strip, wet your hand, and lightly dab all over the nose strip, but don't soak it too much with water. It sticks better this way. Leave the nose stip on for half an hour or more, until it's really dry and stiff. Remove it and use cold cloth or rub an ice cube over the area to close the pores.

Creasing shadow
    I have oily hooded lids. So all shadows (drugstore or high end) either crease or simply vanish from moving part of the lid (from lashes to crease) regardless of shadow base/primer and I tried whole bunch of them.
I got this great tip from another blogger Maybe's New Start. After you apply your eyeshadows, just before appling maskara, with a fluffy brush, blend some translucent face powder all over the lid. It really works. It stops my eyeshdows from creasing for 5-6 hours and more. Usually it strarts to crease after
2-3 hours tops.

 If you have any usefull tips, do share :)

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