Decorative gift box

Instead of buying a box, why not make one. You can choose the materials and box size.

What you need:

  • cardboard box
  • materials: textile, rice paper, wrapping paper, self-adheseve wallpaper
  • double sided sticky tape
  • all purpose glue
  • scissors
  • ruller
Pick a box and mesure all dimensions.
Cut the chosen material to fit the dimension of the box, but leave 1/4 inch more on the edges.

If you're coating the box with self-adheseve wallpaper, all you need is box and wallpaper.
Starting at the bottom, slowly apply wallpaper, making sure there are no air bubbles. And then continue  ond the sides, making sure all edges are nicely together.

If you're using textiles or paper, you will need double sided sticky tape and glue.
When it comes to textiles choose ones that don't tear, or when you cut them there are no treads coming out.

Coat entire outside of the box with tape. Starting at the bottom, attach material to the box. Make sure that textile is tight so there would be no wrinkles.
If you wish, you can coat the box with thin layer of glue so material would adhere better. Leave to dry well.
If you like you can do aditional decorating.

Boxes don't look perfect.
Small box is coated with self adheseve wallpaper. Black flowers are plush material on regular white wallpaper, so it has texture. Red and white ribbons were bought at fabric goods store.
Small box was an experiment and I wasn't too carefull, so you can see traces of glue (I scraped it off later). I used it to try some techniques. That's why the bow is uspide down, I got the idea at the end :D.

In the end, I sprinkled some fine white glitter all over the box.

Blue box was coated with wraping paper that stuck to tape very fast and very strong so I couldn't fix all that wrinkles. I just hid them with layer of glitter. And since box is intended for keeping snow ball ornaments, I think it looks very festive :D.

Decorations on the box are felt, and I bought them for very cheap as table decoration.

Few years ago I use this material for coating the box.

It looked very soft and furry :D, and I had enough left to make a scarf. Sadly, I didn't remember to take a picture.

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