Coastal Scents Synthetic 7-piece travel brush set

Source: www.crownbrush.us

Last month Coastal Scents had a 50% off sale on some products, one of them was this new travel brush set. I just had to have it :).

Regular price for this set is 24, 95$, and that is too much and I would never buy it at that price. But with 50% off sale, and additional offer of 5$ off when you buy over 20$, price came to 9,95 $.
Shipping costs were quite hight (11,39$) but even with shipping it was still a a bargin.
I checked the CS page and they remove the set  but, since CS is reselling Crown brushes, you can buy this set directly from them.

I already have few brushes from synthetic line so I knew what to expect and I wasn't dissapointed.
All brushes are dense and bristles are super soft.

Set consists of 7 pieces: powder brush, blush brush, doe foot angled shadow brush, tappered shadow brush, concealer brush, angled liner brush and mascara spoolie.

They come in a canvas bag that has 2 pockets for brushes, and additional zipper pouch for makeup. Dimensions of the bag are aprox. 6" x 3,5" and brush dimensions vary from 3,7" to 4,7" so it will fit in any bag.

Given the fact that all brushes are synthetic, they can be used for both liquid and powder products and there's no need to clean them when you switch from one consistency to another. You can apply liquid foundation and move to pressed powder right away.
Also, this brushes are all multipurpose, so you basically get lot more then 6 brushes.

Powder brush

Left Sephora #45, right CS powder brush

It is rather small, slightly larger compared to my favorite powder brush (Sephora Mineral foundation brush #45) that I use for everything. It is also less dense then sephora brush, but I actually like CS powder brush better. Bristles are lot softer and more flexible compared to sephora brush.
It can be used for applying powders, blushes and liquid/cream foundations. It blends like a dream, smooth and comletely seamless.
Handle is short but it fits nicely in the hand and it's easy to use.

Blush brush
Top: powder brush, bottom blush brush

Left: blush brush, right: powder brush

It's smaller and more tappered than powder brush. It can be used for application od blushes, highlight, bronzers and for contouring. It can be used for foundation ad well, but because it's so small it takes longer. Just like powder brush, it fits nicely in the hand, and deppending how you hold it you can achieve stronger or more sheer application.

Concealer brush

CS concealer brush, Abbamart narrow precision concealer, Studio basics concealer, Ecotools concealer brush

CS concealer brush, CS black precision detail brush

Small and thin brush, with very firm but flexible bristles. It has pointed tip for more precise application, so it's pefect for applying concealer on spots and blemishes. It can be used for undereye concealer but it takes time to blend. It can also be used for detail work, like applying eyeshadow in inner corner. And it works as a lip brush.

Doe foot angled shadow brush

Left CS doefoot shadow brush, Sigma E25

Angled cut brush on one side, flat on the other. Bristles are firm but flexible. It's medium size so it will be good for all eyelids. Can be used for both cream and powder eyeshadows. It pick up ES very well and there's little or no fallout.
Another versatile brush. Depending how you turn it, it can be used for shadow packing all over the lid, for creating outer "v", for applying ES in the crease, or for blending on lower lid.
I don't like the handle lenght, I wish it was longer. It definitely takes some time getting used to.

Tappered shadow brush

CS crease brush, Sigma E30, CS black pointed crease, Oriflame mineral shadow brush, CS large pencil/crease

My favorite brush in this set. I wish CS would make full size version or sell this brush separately. Bristles are very dense and firm, but so soft. It's rounded and tappered at the top.
It's intended for blending and boy does it blend :D. You can also use it for applying highlight under the brow, and for blending undereye concealer, both cream and powder.

Angled liner brush

Ecotools angled liner brush, CS, Essence liner brush

Can be used for gel/cream liners or brow filling. Brush is very thin with stiff bristles which enables precise application, but it's little wide.
I'm not happy with short handle, I personally prefer long handle, which gives me more balance and control. So I use this brush more like a pushliner brush, instead of dragging line across the lid.

Mascara spoolie

Basic mascara spoolie. I use it for brow grooming.

All in all, this is very good travel and everyday set.  Price is rather high for travel set, but with various sales and discounts it is afforable. It holds all basic brushes you will need, and they're all multipurpose.

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