Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer and Manhattan 2in1 concealer and fixing powder

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer

Afer so many good reviews on blogs an YT I decided to try it out so I bought it few months ago.

I'm not a huge fan of undereye concealers, since I don't have much problems there, and foundation covers it all quite well. For comparison, Garnier Anti dark circkles roll-on works best for me. It is very thin consistency but it covers everything very well and it doesn't sink in my lines and tiny wrinkles.

Back to Maybelline. The whole idea of sponge applicator works great in theory but not so much in practice. When I use it, it applies to much product on my skin and it all goes to my wrinkles and makes them more visible. Basically it makes me look old.
I tried applying it with my fingers. I would squeeze out little product on the glass surface (by pressing the sponge applicator against the surface) and dab it on my skin, and that makes it look lot better.

Instruction says not to wash the sponge since it has anti-bacterial coating, simply whipe it off with some clean tissue. I rubbed and squeezed everything out after every use. But still the thought that there's concealer in the sponge for days just sitting there ( I didn't use it very often) and I would put that near my eyes wasn't appealing at all, specially since my eyes got really sensitive lately.

After weeks of not using this concealer, I decided to try it one more time. I removed the sponge to wash it and it was full of product even after cleaning it acording to their instructions. And since it's useless I won't be reattaching it back.
It's lot simpler just to squeeze out small amount directly to a glass surface and apply it where needed.

Since the opening is lot more exposed to air, before using the product I first squeeze small amount that I wipe off, and then I squeeze the amount that I use on my undereye area.

Concealer it's self isn't that bad. I gives good coverage and lightens the area, but I'm not to crazy about it and I won't be repurchasing again, even if it came in different packaging.

Manhattan 2in1 concealer and fixing powder

Picture was taken from another source

I was very interested in this concealer since it came out, but there was no reviews and no testers in the store so I avoided buying it :).
Recently store got the testers, and after trying it out I bought Warm Beige shade.
Consisency is very creamy but light, it goes on smooth and blends well, and you don't need much. It gives medium coverage but it's buildable.

I like the concealer part a lot, it is light but covers well, specially the redness and imperfections and it doesn't make my pores more visible. I don't like it on my undereye area, it covers well but sinks in my lines after a while.

Fixing powder is very light, silky and smooth, but to me it's useless. If I use it to set concealer under my eyes, it gets really cakey and you can see my wrinkles (that are not normally visible) a mile away :D.
I used fluffy synthetic brush (Elf Bamboo blending brush) to dust it lightly over concealer.

As for other areas, it does set the concealer nicely, but it can make dry areas more visible. Since I would use loose powder to set my foundation anyway I have no use for it.

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